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Should you pay a penalty to BUST your existing service contract & switch providers?

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By switching over to the new service at $49/month, you will:

  • Save $xx/month
  • With your early termination fee of $XXX, you will BREAK EVEN in month XXX
  • You will then SAVE AN ADDITIONAL $XXX by switching to a new service provider compared to staying with your current provider for the remaining term of your existing service contract.

Lots of people wish they could switch their service (cell, internet, etc.) so they can get better rates, but they are stuck in a contract. Most of the time these contracts have an "early termination fee". The good news is that if you can get a better rate, it may still be in your best interest to switch since your savings could outweigh the penalty cost. This calculator helps you make that choice in less than a minute!

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Bust My Contract

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